- Yantwallet is safe. because It uses an individual's unique key.
The trading system is safe as well.
because It's not a form to send a coin to an exchange purse but a way to keep coins in your wallet.
- Yantwallet uses 15 uncommon encrypted words for preventing capture existing paperkey and offline Snooping.
Therefore, you must store the string in text form in two or more places, such as private mail or storage.
- If the recovery paper key is exposed, It's the same as giving the bank account and a stamp.
Therefore, It's a good idea to move your encrypted money assets to another wallet immediately and discard your wallet with the paper key exposed.
- If the specific coin has not sent, Check the message first.
to see if it's a network problem.
If It's a network problem, the coin will reappear when the problem is resolved. And then you can send and receive.
Yantwallet also prevents transmission until the transfer is confirmed if there is a coin block in transit for the safety of the exchange function.
If you go to the settings menu in your Yantwallet, there is an Air Drop participation item.
You can get an air drop there.
You can find more detailed information here.